Paterson, NJ

Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Project received “Concrete in Transit” Award from Portland Cement Association

• Historic restoration of station originally constructed in the early 1900’s

• Demolished existing building and platform and constructed new high-level platform with

   stair and elevator access from street level

• Removed existing canopy and reinstalled on new high level platform

• Cleaned and restored entire 650 foot long concrete viaduct

• Constructed new 52 foot high clock tower with elevator installation



• Station to remain in continuous service throughout construction

• Using methods of restoration that complied with state regulations for historic preservation


Project Description
This station, originally built in the early 1900’s and expanded in 1930, serves the New Jersey Transit Main Line as a commuter-only rail hub.  Through a grant from the Federal Transit Administration, the Owner received funding to modernize the station while retaining its historic profile.  Our assignment was to both restore the existing concrete viaduct and to improve the accessibility of the newly refurbished station.

Work began beneath the viaduct structure, where the existing ballast was removed and new waterproofing and concrete were installed.  The existing canopy and low-level island platform were then removed and the old station building was demolished.  In order to keep the station in service, a temporary platform was built for commuter use during the construction of the new high-level platform.  After the new electrical system was installed, the canopy was repositioned atop the new platform.

The restoration of the viaduct required special attention to detail as all materials and methods needed to conform to the regulations set by the New Jersey State Historic Preservations Office.  A specially designed concrete mix was pneumatically applied to the entire length of the 650 foot long structure. 

The construction of a new 52 foot tall clock tower containing a handicapped compliant elevator and the addition of new stairs added to the accessibility improvements of the facility.  The site was completed with paver walkways, curbs, fencing, landscaping, painting and signage. 

Our work was recognized with a national award from the Portland Cement Association as the winner in the “Concrete in Transit” category.