Project Highlights / Scope of Work

• Design / build project for 200’ long clear span pedestrian truss bridge over Hempstead Turnpike

• Constructed two steel-framed three story buildings supporting and accessing the bridge at each end

• Installed two hydraulic elevators in glass enclosed towers

• Installed light and power systems

• Pre-assembled bridge on-site and placed by crane during one eight hour shutdown of highway



• Proximity to highway, campus environment, student traffic and minimal staging areas all requiring

   critical planning and scheduling

• Bridge required pre-assembly and installation by crane

• Classes remained in session throughout construction


Project Description

Hofstra University is situated on 240 acres in Long Island, NY.  The campus is bisected by the four-lane Hempstead Turnpike.  In an effort to increase student accessibility and safety, a pedestrian bridge was constructed spanning the highway and connecting both sides of the campus.

This design / build project involved the construction of a clear span truss and two three-story buildings supporting and accessing the bridge structure.  The bridge itself - 200’ long x 14’ wide x 19’ high - was fabricated off-site.  It was then pre-assembled adjacent to the highway and lifted into place by crane during one complete roadway shutdown.  The entire bridge installation required only one eight hour shift.  The interior of the span has a drywall finish, tinted windows, exhaust fans and a 15” louvered vent running the full length of the structure.  The exterior is covered in composite textured panels for a faux-stucco look.

The two support buildings are mirror images of each other on either side of the highway.  Each is a steel-framed structure with a glass-enclosed tower housing a hydraulic elevator.  Full light and power systems were installed and covered stairway access was added.

Working in close proximity to a highway requires additional safety measures.  Student safety was also a concern as classes remained in session throughout the construction schedule.  Of course, extra precautions were taken and safeguards put in place throughout the project.